Discover world leading Australian and International civil brands available at Reece. Discover more about our leading brands such as Hobas and Rehau here.




dimax reece civil pipe

Offering ductile iron pipe and fittings engineered specifically for Australian conditions, the new Dimax TYTON ranges set the standard for ductile iron, with sizes, linings and corrosion protection options designed to suit any project.



With over 200 years of experience, vonRoll is a global leader in the development of advanced piping technologies.


reece plumbing civil friatec electrofusion fittings

A pioneer of electrofusion technology since the 70's, FRIATEC continues to set the standard that others follow with their advanced range of electrofusion fittings, welders and tools. 


reece civil pipe

HOBAS is a leading German manufacturer of high performance GRP Pipe Systems used by water authorities throughout Australia for decades.


rehau civil pipe

REHAU has been creating highly innovative Civil Engineering and Infrastructure solutions for over 50 years.